Who We Are

China Labor Watch views Chinese workers’ rights as inalienable human rights and is dedicated to promoting workers’ fair redistribution of wealth under globalization.

                                                                                                                                                                                             Li_Qiang-Executive Director


CLW focuses its efforts in three main areas:

1- Education: CLW aims to educate the international community about labor issues in China. CLW has been published  both internationally and in the United States, featured by such media outlets as:

* China Youth Daily

* South China Morning Post

* Nanfeng Chuang

* The Seattle Post-Intelligencer

* The New York Times

* The Washington Post

* The Wall Street Journal




2- Advocacy and worker training: CLW’s Shenzhen office serves as a resource for local workers, labor activists, factories and multinational corporations. CLW provides legal advice and legal aid via its hotline and office location. CLW also provides monthly community training  to approximately 64 labor activists each year. Finally, CLW has worked to expand the network of Chinese NGOs engaging in labor issues. Since 2007, CLW has aided in the establishment of four legal centers. provement programs to several thousand workers at the supplier factories of major corporations.

Company Overview

Founded in 2000, China Labor Watch(中国劳工观察) is a New York-based independent NGO that promotes the rights of workers in the People’s Republic of China. CLW conducts numerous undercover factory investigations, reports sub-standard working conditions and wages to the international public and media outlets, and works with global multinational brand companies to implement ethical supply chain improvements and promote adherence to international labor standards. China Labor Watch works to protect the legal rights of all types of workers, including women and children.




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