Paystub from a child labor-Wu Xiaofang from HEG (Huizhou) Electronics Co., Ltd

This is the paystub for the female child worker from HEG (Huizhou) Electronics Co., Ltd. we interviewed for this investigation— Wu Xiaofang (This is an alias as well as the name she used on her fake ID in order to get into the factory to work). She told our investigator that she was 14 years old. This paystub and its wealth of information is strong evidence in support of our report’s conclusions. According to the listed hours, salary, and overtime pay shown above, we calculated that her approximate overtime was between 70 and 84 hours in this month. The daily subsidy for night shifts is 7 RMB ($1.09), and she received a total of 77 RMB in subsidies for her night shifts in this month. So it can be easily concluded that she worked 11 night shifts during this month, each shift lasting from 8pm to 8am. This paystub clearly shows how the factory was treating this 14-year-old girl. In its statement, the factory alleged that Xiaofang made up a story about her terrible working conditions out of revenge for her dismissal by the factory.

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