Media Release in response to official statement

The city of Huizhou just released a statement saying that HEG Electronics was not found to have employed child laborers, imposed excessive work hours or to have withheld workers’wages. However, the situation the official statement described is not consistent with the facts.

1. As far as we know, the official investigators didn’t interview the relevant workers, they judged the workers’ ages only by their identification card. According to our investigation, these child laborers are either using falsified identification card or using the IDs of others.

2. The official statement also stated that the company did not forcefully impose excessive work hours nor withheld workers’ wages. This is contrary to our investigation findings. We found that the workers are often required to stand and work for 11 hours a day.

Our investigators told us that the factory is driving off thechild laborers, as a lot of young workers are leaving the factory.

The government investigation statement further proves that one of the reason the factories could illegal employ workers is that they are protected by the local government.

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One Response to Media Release in response to official statement

  1. Mike says:

    That is your goverment problem.
    Why are you blame Samsung ?
    Technically and Legally, Foreign Buyer (Samsung) can not do anything about Chinese company.

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