Media Release in Response to Samsung’s Investigation

August 8,2012 (New York)
China Labor Watch

After China Labor Watch released the report, Samsung announces its plan to inspect HEG (Huizhou) factory today. We see a quick reaction from the brand company, and hope they will carry out the investigation thoroughly to stop the child labor employment. Here are our concerns for the inspection:

1. The factory will deny the fact and evacuate those child workers. Samsung may need to carry out in-depth interviews and thorough investigations, such as examining the number of the working positions in the factory to see if there is a sudden shortage of workers.

2. As for the seven child workers we identified in the report, the factory replied that there were only 3 to 4 workers on-site now and they are all above 16 years old. However, according to our source of information, at least 5 out of those 7 children are still working there.

3. Samsung inspectors may need to make sure the workers are not showing falsified IDs during the inspection. We know all the workers must have IDs, but the authenticity shall be seriously doubted. Samsung should carry out the inspection strictly when checking the IDs in particular. We hope Samsung could provide us with the copies of those 7 children’s IDs, so that CLW could conduct follow-up investigations and make sure those children are free from reprisals from the factory.

4. We suggest that Samsung’s inspectors stand in front of the gate of the factory and pay attention to the workers passing by. They should ask and confirm with those who looks very young for their real ages.

It is our hope that this inspection could be effective and help those children go back to school, away from the exploitation of the factory. We believe that Samsung will discover what we disclosed in the report, if it truly makes efforts to inspect the issue.


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