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Response to FLA’s progress report on Apple

FLA just released a status report of the improvement at three factories of Foxconn. This report is detailed and comprehensive, with full access and resources in the investigation. However, China Labor Watch holds three concerns in response to the report: … Continue reading

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Paystub from a child labor-Wu Xiaofang from HEG (Huizhou) Electronics Co., Ltd

This is the paystub for the female child worker from HEG (Huizhou) Electronics Co., Ltd. we interviewed for this investigation— Wu Xiaofang (This is an alias as well as the name she used on her fake ID in order to get … Continue reading

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joint statement

Hi, everybody, here is the joint statement released by total 19 Korean organizations about this case (Samsung). Because they do not believe that Samsung will develope the labor conditions in Chinese area. They also are waiting the futher action of Samsung. Whether … Continue reading

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Media Release in response to official statement

The city of Huizhou just released a statement saying that HEG Electronics was not found to have employed child laborers, imposed excessive work hours or to have withheld workers’wages. However, the situation the official statement described is not consistent with … Continue reading

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HuiZhou Officials denied that HEG electronics use child labor

HuiZhou Officials denied that HEG electronics use child labor and has excessive working hours. We don’t believe their statement as it is contrary to our investigation findings. However,   from the picture they released, you can see that workers are standing … Continue reading

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From LG

We have received an e-mail from LG, it said that LG Electronics does not have nor has it ever had any business dealings with HEG Electronics facility in China. They have made a request to HEG that LG’s name be … Continue reading

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Media Release on Samsung Investigation

Spotted-According to the fourth group of our organization investigators, the HEG (Huizhou) Factory has just driven off a coach of suspected underage workers. In order to avoid their whereabouts being discovered, the coach carried these labors turning around the peripheral … Continue reading

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Media Release in Response to Samsung’s Investigation

August 8,2012 (New York) China Labor Watch After China Labor Watch released the report, Samsung announces its plan to inspect HEG (Huizhou) factory today. We see a quick reaction from the brand company, and hope they will carry out the … Continue reading

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Samsung’s Supplier Factory Squeezing Child Labor—Investigation Report on HEG Electronics (Huizhou) Co., Ltd. Samsung Supplier

Samsung’s Supplier Factory Exploiting Child Labor China Labor Watch August 6, 2012   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:   (New York) Today, China Labor Watch released an investigative report on Samsung’s supplier HEG Electronics (Huizhou) Co., Ltd. HEG is an important partner … Continue reading

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Brand: Samsung Factory: HEG Electronics (Huizhou) Co., Ltd.

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